Small Steps

We recently had our latest review appointment for Quinn’s leg and if you follow our Instagram page you will see that we were super happy with what they had to say! For a change, Quinn did well at the appointment and showed her prosthetist and the consultant exactly what she could do! She is doing so much better with wanting to wear it at home – we have managed to take her shopping a couple of times with it on and wearing it out in the car etc. Now she is becoming older she is starting to realise that wearing it will enable her to be like other children and she will be able to what they are doing, in time. At the hospital they are looking for a sturdier walker so that she will be able to go outdoors with it and will be able to practice her walking outside in all the nice weather that we seem to keep getting recently. I am waiting for a phone call about this and hopefully by our next appointment in 6 weeks’ time we may have something for the outdoors.

We have another appointment in Manchester on Tuesday for her bloods to be taken so that we can get a definite confirmation on the blood disorder. We are hoping that we can get Quinn to accept it this time and have her bloods done as last time we went in November it wasn’t nice to see her rejecting it. Hoping that videos on the iPad and snacks will do the trick but if anyone has any secret tips, we would be extremely grateful as they said this time, they must get blood from her.

Since Quinn moved up into the bigger room at nursery she is coming on leaps and bounds – its amazing to see the difference in her in such a short amount of time. Her talking is doing so well, and she is copying pretty much everything we say or is at least trying to – we are having to be very careful what we say and are talking in lots of code to each other! We think this is what is causing her to become more aware of her leg and is what is making her want to wear her leg a lot more which is great!

We have been enjoying lots of family time recently by days out and Quinn enjoyed her first time sat on a pony at a local event called Ightenhill Bee Day. This was a great free fun day out and we went along with our friends. There were lots of things on for the kids including face painting, games, fair ground rides, bouncy castles etc. There were also lots of stalls and information points to find out about different things including bees and local charities. There was a pony ride there by a local company called Little Hooves Pony Parties and Quinn wasn’t quite up to riding the pony, but she was happy enough sat still on it.

If you have any tips for keeping a 1 year and 8 months old child occupied whilst having blood taken, please do give us a message!

Much love from Natasha, James & Quinn


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