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Well where do we start! Quinn goes to nursery 3 days a week and has been since the age of 8 months old. She is now 19 months old and has just made the transition into the next room up. She attends a nursey called Giant Leap nursery in Burnley and we 100% made the right decision in sending her there. We cannot fault them at all, the way that Quinn has come along since being in their care is amazing, as her parents its lovely to see how much other people adore our little princess. Usually to move into the next room they must be walking and up to a certain developmental stage, for Quinn obviously the walking was going to be a little bit of an issue so initially we didn’t think she was going to move up until the age of around 2 years old. We had a talk to her keyworker and the room managers of the baby room which she was in and they suggested moving her up and asked how we felt about it, I must be honest I started to well up a little bit as I couldn’t believe I was having this discussion. I was super happy, but I was also sad as it meant my baby was growing up far too quickly. She had a few days in the new room as taster days to see how she would adapt to the change and she had a couple of wobbles but soon enough she was fine. She was due to move up on the 29th April but because she did so well on her taster days, they decided to move her up after Easter on the 22nd April. She has spent 2 full days in the new room and has absolutely loved it and we will only see more improvements from her the more she gets used to it.

As she is in the new room at nursery, I think this will help encourage her to use her leg more as all the other children are walking and she is the only baby that is still crawling/bum shuffling. There isn’t any pressure at this age because she has no idea about any of this but with her strong-willed determination, I think this will make her want to do what other children are doing. We have already seen a huge improvement with her wanting to wear her leg and bringing it to us for us to put it on for her, when it only feels like yesterday where she wouldn’t even entertain the idea of wearing it this seems like a huge milestone to us. Last weekend we saw Quinn take her first steps with her leg on and this almost brought James to tears, I started to well up, but we literally couldn’t believe what we were seeing. It was with her walker, because this was amazing for us to see and we only managed to get a short little snippet on video which I will post below but she managed to do a full length of our living room before we even started to video her. We are back at the hospital at the middle of May and I can not wait to show them the video and hopefully get her to do it again whilst we are there.

In the last blog I said we were trying to work out how we was looking to decorate her leg and find ways to achieve this, we are still looking at feasible ways and its proving a little more difficult than we originally thought but hopefully we will have something to show you soon. If anybody has any ideas for us please throw them our way, we are always looking for research or ideas that people have. Thank you all so much for your support throughout our journey and If you have any questions please do post them below, I would love to answer them for you. We love reading any comments, so it would mean a great deal to us if you post in the comments.

Much love from Natasha, James & Quinn


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