Prosthetic Legs

Quinn got her first prosthetic leg when she was aged 6 months old. Before we get the actual prosthetic leg, we must go for an appointment for ‘cast & measures’ which consists of the prosthesis taking measurements from Quinn’s full leg and foot to make sure they can get the prosthetic to be a similar size. This involves them using cling film around her little leg and covering it in plaster to create the cast and then when they have all the information, they take this away with them to create the leg. We usually get an appointment to collect the leg about 7-10 days later depending on how busy they are, sometimes sooner. When we go and collect the leg, we must check that it fits correctly, and we wait around for a little while whilst they make any adjustments to it. Quinn’s first leg was more of a cosmetic leg because she was far too small to make something with any real weight or mechanism.

Once we had this leg, we got a little bit of a break from appointments and could enjoy time with our baby girl, as she grows, we will have to have more appointments at Preston so they can continue making sure legs are the correct size for her. We had to ring them for the next leg, as they couldn’t really do anything else until Quinn was ready to stand up and was pulling herself up to stand. We phoned them when Quinn was around 11months old, this was when Quinn started standing up. We went again for cast & measures and got her second leg on 20th August 2017. Looking back now there wasn’t much difference between her first and second legs – it was a little bit stronger than the first one we got but overall still wasn’t much good to Quinn as she couldn’t get used to it. She would push it away and didn’t want to wear it, we put this down to her not being able to bend her knee like normal because with her leg on she couldn’t do this. We decided rather than hinder her with it and force her to wear it, we decided to see when we got the next appointment with the consultant what we could do about it.

It took quite a long time for us to get an appointment and yet again it ended up being me having to ring the hospital to get through to them to tell them that we needed to see our consultant. As a parent the last thing you want is to be worrying about your child but I seem to be worrying quite a lot with Quinn, I feel as though if I don’t press the hospital about her leg then nothing will get done about it so I am constantly thinking about what can be done next and what are our next steps with her. Since I started confronting the issue of us having to ask about the appointments, funnily enough we got an appointment through the post quite rapidly for her latest leg, this was for the start of December. This was quite a big achievement for me and James to finally feel like the consultant and prosthesis were listening to us. We were always told at the start of our pregnancy that nothing would hold her back and I do think that now but when the hospitals aren’t helping you out then it starts to make you wonder what would happen if I didn’t step up and chase them with things.

We would be delighted if you will continue to read my next blog which will be based on Quinn’s most recent leg and how she is managing with this one – updates will be on our Instagram. If you have any questions please do post them below, I would love to answer them for you. We love reading any comments, so it would mean a great deal to us if you post in the comments.

Much love from Natasha, James & Quinn


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