So, since I last did a post which in all honesty should not have been so long ago! Lots has happened with regards to Quinn, if you follow our Instagram/Facebook pages then you will see what we have been up to. I apologise that I have not kept on top of this I made a promise to myself this year that I would do it and this is why I am starting at the start of a new month February when things have calmed down after Christmas and got the January blues out of the way with!

With regards to Quinn’s blood appointments we have to go back every 6 months or we have open access at the hospital if we need it but luckily, she’s not had any injuries to warrant that as of yet. The last appointment we had last September was to do more blood tests and we ended up having to go back to the hospital for another test because one of the first ones came back inconclusive which was a little worrying at the time but luckily she is ok and just has the same blood disorder as myself (her mum). The next appointment in Manchester for her bloods is in May just for a check-up and probably some more blood tests, but we won’t know about that until we are there.

Well where to start with Quinn’s leg! She now has a new leg which is a lot more advance than the last 3 legs! Wow leg number 4 already and she is only 2 years and 4 months old! The last post I did I mentioned the hospital wanting to look at a walker for Quinn, well by the time we got to see said walker Quinn was better of without it. We saw a physio at the hospital along with our prosthesist and he agreed that she did not need the walker and would be better off without it which in a way we were glad about because she wouldn’t become lazy with wanting the walker. Since then we got the new leg which I have included some images of, and it fits onto her little leg a lot better than the last one. We have now got a liner that we put onto her little leg that works as a suction to then slot the prosthetic onto her leg and it traps the air into the leg so that it can’t fall off. To start with when we first got the new leg that isn’t that new anymore because we have had it since the end of November it came with an elastic strip that was held on by Velcro at the top of bottom of it (photos below).

We had a problem that when she was walking with this the Velcro at the top of the leg was just peeling away which was meaning her leg would give way and wouldn’t last the full day so had to be taken off. We went back to the hospital (mid-December) about this and got it fixed and now it is pinned in at the top and bottom which is much better! Whilst at the appointment we also mentioned that the liner she currently had seemed to be sometimes cutting some circulation off in her little leg and looked to be sore sometimes. They looked at this and mentioned about different solutions such as other liners or maybe having to make another leg with a different fitting for it. They went with the option to get a new liner in the new year when we went back to review how she was getting on with this leg and look at her progress.

We went back for this appointment which was the last appointment we have had and they were so impressed with how she is doing, how well she is managing to adapt to this new leg and how not bothered she is by it. When you get told these things off family and friends its lovely to hear but when you hear it by the doctors and people that are helping us and helping Quinn it is so amazing to hear! We obviously know and think that she is amazing and such a little superstar but it is a different feeling when we are getting praised by the hospital we feel like we are all doing something right even though sometimes we do question ourselves a lot! They gave us a new liner which looks a little different to the old one I have included some comparison images below to show the difference but it is better and doesn’t seem to make her leg sore or anything, we do feel like it needs looking at because I still don’t think it is 100% correct but we have had to give it a couple of weeks to see how she is managing with it so I will be phoning next week to see what they say and we may end up having to go back earlier than planned to get them to look at it. The reason we don’t think it is 100% correct is because her prosthetic doesn’t seem to attach onto the liner correctly and occasionally her leg has just been falling off and we have to attach it back on and it shouldn’t be doing this. But all it in all this is all a learning process for us all and without us trying it we wouldn’t know these things and if we don’t tell the hospital then they don’t know either because they only see her very occasionally in comparison to us so it is important that we keep them up to date if things aren’t right.

Overall, every single person over the last couple of months that has seen Quinn in person has commented on how much of a difference there is in her walking and how well she is doing. It is absolutely amazing to see the difference in her since when she would not wear her leg and was having to hold mine and James’s hands just to stand up or to walk a few tiny little steps to now when she is running around and wants to be walking/ running everywhere! We just want to thank every single person that has commented on Quinn or messaged us about her because it never goes unnoticed and we always try to reply to everyone!

If you do have any questions or comments or anything, please do leave them below or in our inboxes on Instagram/Facebook – if you don’t follow us then please do links are at the top of the page!

Much love from Natasha, James & Quinn xxx


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